Czech Information Society, civic association

Member of the Czech Union of Scientific and Technical Societies

Our mission:

The targeted connection of individual and group-based specialist subjects with subjects concerning society as a whole through the entire spectrum of those areas of society that are related to spontaneous or directed processes for the penetration of information technology into society and to the development of an information-based society. This chiefly involves the professional gathering, indexation, storage, searching of and dissemination of information in all areas of science, technology and economics.

The scope of the specialist activities of the Czech Information Society, c.a. encompasses all areas currently perceived as being information-based (documentation, scientific and technological information, knowledge engineering, information and knowledge management, library science, bibliography, infometrics, competitive intelligence, telematics, information technology in healthcare etc.). Information science forms the theoretical basis for the activities of our society.


  • The internal development of information-based subject areas via specialist and educational activities,
  • To work with bodies and organisations active in the directing of informationising processes at all levels,
  • Close cooperation with users of information, educational and promotional activities for the improvement of the use and security of information transfer.


Information Mondays in Jinonice

  • Open cycle of talks by prominent experts from the Czech Republic and abroad in the theory and practice of information science,
  • Realised in cooperation with the Institute for Information Studies and Library Science of the Arts Faculty of Charles University in Prague.

ICI Conference – Information, Competitiveness, Innovation

 Goals of the annual conference (organised since 2008):

  • To present a variety of means of information support opening new horizons in knowledge and innovation,
  • To support improved access to information for newly-created enterprises,
  • To stimulate new findings in information services,
  • To contribute to the understanding of the new role of information professionals in a variety of areas of information practise
  • To improve communication between specialist fields in fields of information and computer science
  • To support the presentation of research project theses.

Project cooperation

  • Cooperation of projects falling within the society’s scope of activities,
  • Examples of projects: “Digital library of grey literature”, “Harmonisation  of the database of STK personnel authorities with the file of national authorities of the National Library of the Czech Republic”.

Support for the participation of young specialists in specialist events

  •  CASLIN  – international conference for the development of specialist and academic libraries – LINK
  • BigClean – international workshop for access to data outputs of public administration – LINK
  • BOBCATSS – international conference for library colleges – LINK
  • and others

Themed excursions

  • Themed excursions for information professionals to workplaces abroad specialising in modern information services for science, research and innovation,
  • Previous themed excursions to Great Britain, Germany and Belgium.